B.SPC82B 9072 Software Free Download

B.SPC82B 9072 Software Download Firmware LED-LCD TV Free.

B.SPC82B 9072 Software Download Free

B.SPC82B 9072 Software Download Information

PCB Board No: B.SPC82B 9072
Resolution: Supported UP To 1920 X 1080 (Full-HD) LCD/LED TV
Screen Supported: Up 19” to 40” Panel LED & LCD
Panel Voltage DC: +3.3 V /+5V /+12 V
Main AC Power Supply: +220 V (AC)
HDMI Input: 1 Port
USB Input: 1 Port
VGA Input: 1 Port
PC Input & Audio / Video: Yes
IR Control: Yes (Remote Control)
Key Button Functions: VOL+/VOL- Source/Power/CH-/CH+/MENU
Input & Output Ports: AV, Earphone Out, HDMI, USB, RF TV interface, and VGA
Headphone: Yes
RF TV: 1 Port
Component Input: Yes
Multi-Language: Yes
USB Port Upgrade: YES

Service Code: B.SPC82B 9072

The service code B.SPC82B 9072 unlocks factory mode or the board’s internal parameters setting. These settings allow the technicians to control the parameters of the Led TV logo, resolution, brightness and contrasts, etc.

Through the remote, enter the numeric code. Menu+1147

How to download and install Firmware B.SPC82B 9072

  • Download your required resolution firmware/software and then extract any one of them you will get the folder. Now copy the files to USB. If your requirements are in multiple parts.then
  • B.SPC82B 9072 LED Software is available for download.
  • With Winrar or 7Zip, extract any one of the parts.
  • You will find your Required Software in a single Folder.
  • You now need to copy the extracted file onto your USB drive.

Note: Important Note Updating Firmware:

LedTvSoftwares.com is not responsible for any loss or damage to the PCB board during the firmware installation. You can download and run firmware on your responsibility.

Sr.NoDescriptionDownload Link
1B.SPC82B 9072 ALIOS-19-25T80Download
2B.SPC82B 9072 HERACLES-19Download
3B.SPC82B 9072 SUPRATECH 19InchDownload
4B.SPC82B 9072 VD TECH-14-24C32Download
5B.SPC82B 9072 VD TECH-14-25Q16Download
6B.SPC82B 9072 VD TECH-14Download

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